You Proved Me Wrong, Wolverine..!

I am not a comic lover, especially on superheroes. But during my ages lately, I do enjoyed several movies that related to superheroes. .huhh..? starts from the Spidey’s sequel, continued with The Dark Nite,i do feel enjoyable into all those movies related to comic superheroes..

As I’ve given a time to watch Wolverine with my cousins and my lil bro,apis.. I have no doubt to say this movie was incredibly took my heart away, when Wolverine a.k.a Lohan, was very ‘beautiful’ in his role as innocent and polite beast. .There was no other things that much better than the first scene...i truly meant it gang! As I sat on the very back line in GSC SP, felt like flew away… like I was there in the war between US and Vietnam (for the 1st 30 minutes) …and it was rarely happened when I felt eating pop corn was very very annoying while watching..When Victor @ Sabretooth (while waiting for his gun-shoot by the soldiers) saying “..tell me when its over..”damn.. I feels like killing myself..and it just after it took me rite back to the real life…hehe ..

Ever since I watched The Dark Nite, I always says that there will be no others superhero movie better that that, especially the Joker (with the dialogue “Why So Serious?”) that I wont forget ever…and Spiderman III whit his black suit, (and also my very first date with Mr.Zulaihi)..and my very 1st though on Wolverine was just another Marvel movie, JUST LIKE what they have done to Spiderman…but this time wolverine absolutely prove me wrong…I’m now no longer stand with my 1st though and this movie was more that what I expected..

“Lohan…you are not an animal..!!”


MsLieBe said...

arr... xtgk lgg!!

pelajar tahun tiga said...

dhis is a MUST SEEN movie..
walopon box office cita STAR personally aku asa cita ni g beshh!!!

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