Bunkface: Through my window

yey..sudahnya aku jumpe jugak title lagu ini..

aku dah agak memang kaw yang nyanyi sam!!
slang kaw dah macam American..sumpah bestt!!
1st aku tengok iklan TM yg cool nak mampos..
aku try hardly dengar lirik de..
bila nak gooo-gle..dem aku lupe!
short term memory aku ni..adehh

korek punye korek

n aku nyanyi like a hundred times..
gig sorang2 aku dalam bilik...
dan hujan makin mencurah2 kat lua..
takpe, aku suke..leh tido lena malam ni
besama masrun tersayang!

mind thought?
aku harap kaw ade nyanyi besama aku!
rindu kaw!

nyaman sehh

hari yang nyaman~
dalam mood terrbayekk untuk siapkan projek
kepala ringan, otak tenang
perut pon kenyang
FYP here we go....
skit lagi....
skitttt je lagi..
*sorry call barring..^$&**^&^ punye celcom!

nadzy's schedule..(",)

yeyy..we're turning to study week now..
are you ready for rock and roll bebeh????

just wanna list down some important dates..
draftly la..kod n venue i lupe..doest matter..
yg penting ingt tarikh dulu..ullala

30th October
Submit Final Year Project chapter 123
(late sanding)

2nd November
CAIS due date: 4 Islamic Banking books

4th November (final exam officially starts)
English For Professional Purpose
Mr. Robert Raymer

9th November
Economic Development
Mr Asyraf

10th November
International Finance
Dr. Chu

12th November
International Institutions
Dr. Afendi

16th November
Terbank ke Penang bersama Air Asia..

20th November
FRIM kl..
(will confirm later)

menyesal pulak..

because of love
sometimes i over reacted
being so over protected
but it will always me
human than cannot run from doing mistake

i choose him
but i always love u
as my best buddy of cuz
i love all my long lost friends

i just missed it
really much
so damn much than u thought

i've done a mistake
do i?
and i feel bad ..really bad
till i dont really know how to interprate
that feeling
i felt sorry
so so damn sorry
i'll change
cuz now i'm starting to feel the heat
of being LOST
its only you
can replace the emptyness..
yeyy...hope to meet you soon buddy!!


caught this while having lunch with janet...

pernahkah kau ada
bila ku perlu
tuk meluakan rasa hati
dan bila kau bersuara
setia ku mendengar
agar tenang kau merasa
coba kau lihat
coba kau coba
renung ke mata aku
bila ku kaku melihatmu
pernahkah kau ada bila ku perlu
tuk menyatakan rasa sakit dalam diri
dan bila kau tunggu
setia ku menunggu
agar senang kau merasa
**thanks for the song faizal tahir..!
wonderful lyrics..really touch me deep inside..phew!


finally i made it...
love my blog now..
giving me much passion to write on..
fully inspired..hehe..

When dummy spending time in library...

i really wanna called myself dummy on dhat day
luckly i have dyg azra beside
yg always cool
respek lu laa..

hey what happened??
spending so much energy
walking to CAIS a.k.a library
"sorry, surver down.."
end up buku ponn x bley pinjam..


but never mind then
i oways have a great time wherever i am..haha..

hey..found so much books on bla-bla-bla for dummies..!! pinjam?no way..~but i think its good for me sometimes to spend my lil times in there...reading n exploring all those knowledge..

just like..another path of 'my road to self-discovery'
hey remembering what my lec said "f u have something to do, JUST DO..doooiitt...
cuz when u starts working, u have no time to do a lot of things..."
dooiiit deea..dooitt..

[thanks to you mr. robert raymer..gonna missed ur class..n you..]
then suddently i found this book..splendid~...!
this is may be what i wanna do..
may be...hehe..

movie day

21 N o v e m b e r 2 0 0 9
M B O, K u c i n g
Azra & Janet
S u r r o g a t e s The G r e a t!!
5 star movie!
Great story line..fresh idea!
thanks for the great time buddies!!!

happy ending

while bz finding journals for my FYP
i caught this in FB..
its my senior's wedding..
both from mrsm langkawi..
also those guys just a memory-called by staring at this pic..
look at them..
charming and brilliant
overseas graduate mostly
big job..big income
& it's kak Zack and Abg Anas wedding btw
(both classmates during the time..)
congrats to them...
hey u inspired me alot!!
yeah..keep staring at this wedding pic
a few second..makes me wonder if i ever had
a happy ending like them..
or as smooth as u guyz doing..
study - working - & geting married
that is what i always think..
in my life recently
but will it be THAT way??
and yeah..dreaming bout my own wed
hey friends, attendance is a M.U.S.T!
syed jan-mrsm-ibrahim-GIC-BP
phew..that quite alotttt mann!!!
wuhuu..should be well prepared then!
hopefully, mr zul will starting to catch up
a very gudboy so far...
mommmy's like
work hard ya sayang!
study hard some more :D
improve urself to be a better man
a gud husband n papadom in future
and starts saving
for you....n me
ish..cant wait to have a proper job
so that we can together settle down
a m m e e n n n ! !
damn..i started dreaming
oh no...
not againnnn..........

lu fikir laa sendri

Yayaya…I found another funny things…when you are a person whom everyone known was very sarcastic to other people..was getting mad cuz thinking that other people was being unfair and sarcastic to yourself...hahah..wadda….L

why should you yell when being penalized with people..?

There’s nothing to be mad off..c’mon…that’s karma..what goes around comes around dude..what goes up, must come down..!

hey guess what? i’m watching..!!haha

You proud of that title..yaa thinking that it was a gift from God..but it was another way around man..people hate you because of your mentality of judging people..

Your mindset sucks..Not because of that ‘gift’…really is!!

So stop being sarcastic to people..if you are trying to get their respect laa..if not then just continue with who you are..but plzzz….don’t blame me if I’m being sarcastic to was really funny watching you scolding people in ur blog n facebook..just like reading another peace of shit!



putting myself in another experience..
sorry its too late for turning back..and i will be there in front to protect and answers everything..
just hanging just one more semester to be done..insyaallah
or about one month to blah~

babe..i just wondering how can a person that taking DEGREE in INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS become so much racist that i though..
you are a univ student, should have a std mentality as you are..
even traveling so much far rather than me, but the chances to look out of another world mean nothing to you..too bad~

a good pointer doesn't meant anything if the way you are thinking is just like a kid age 5..
and a beauty face (as you thought) doesn't make you fame if you make an assumption just like an idiot..thats sucks..REAL sucks man!!

and too bad, it was me involved in this things...and i won't regret if i have to smash you, putting me in another history of fighting in school..
yeah it seems like it was me taking a 'bad-girl' action..

you can't judge people by the way they were born..Indian is black, doesn't meant they are dirt..i didn't showed up my works as you ask me to do so, but it doesn't meant Malays are useless..
and only your races is the best among all..that was a fucking racist statement i ever heard..goddamn ass~ just go to hell with that..

and starts being 'kiasu' (selfish/xnak kalah) to your very own best friend also makes me look really down to a person like you..such a bitch!
i just don't really care rite now...

its quite sad when you have such an idiot Malaysia some more! thats bullshit!!


Lagu ini telah dialunkan semasa menyorot kembali trafedi tanah runtuh di Padang, Sumatera Barat...

lagunya..liriknya..sangat2 terkesan dalam jiwaku..hingga langsung aku menintiskan air mata kerna terlalu sayu dan insaf dengan apa yang telah Allah turunkan kepada umat Islam di Padang..subhanallah....

Opick – Bila Waktu Tlah Berakhir

Bila Waktu Tlah Berakhir - Opick

bagaimana kau merasa bangga

akan dunia yg sementara

bagaimanakah bila semua hilang dan pergi

meninggalkan dirimu

bagaimanakah bila saatnya

waktu terhenti tak kau sadari

masikah ada jalan bagimu untuk kembali

mengulangkan masa lalu

dunia dipenuhi dengan hiasan

semua dan segala yg ada akan

kembali padaNya

bila waktu tlah memenggil

teman sejati hanyalah amal

bila waktu telah terhenti

teman sejati tingallah sepi

** maaf tanpa iringan mp3..due to a very slow mo internet line..

info to share...

i found that this ustaz was very funny while giving his kuliah
named ustaz kazim elias
some of you may know him better
or earlier than me..
i dont care..
he's my like..
proudly to announce: i'm a BIG fan of ust. kazim
thanks to my dad..he found that first
n i try to discover him on d internet..
quite famous..
hope to attend his kuliah real soon in kedah
(if possible)
since he's a perak-ian
so damn funny..we laught till crying
i want more!!!!

hari khamis ..kelas untuk dikenang

kelas pagi yang ditunggu2..
and today (oktober 8 '09 ) was a great day to remember...

lets start with the rules..

-same place till d end of d semester..x boleh betukar2
-sit in a group of four (a 1 malaysia group plz + minimum 1 guy)
-conducted with 2 super damn bombastic lectures [prof shaz (dean) & mr.puah]
-class participation required...for marks!
-presentation - done!
-when the dean spoke out already, YOU ARE beat him!
-direct phone call from the dean for the absent student.. [n my attendance still virgin!]
-xtra marks for those who ask questions...
-yg menJAWAB soalan, markah x kire..wth..!
-tiada midterm
-u are forced to read the news b4 enter d class..cuz kuiz maut will be given regarding to the current issues yg terpampang di newspaper..every single week..
-kekerapan kuiz - two times per class...[ade ke patot?]
-current status: 6/10 marks for present..ONE question recorded, TWO out of record..nnti claim

dan ceriteranya bermula...
when a group of 8 was form to hv a debate bout privatization in malaysia..dasar penswastaan ler tu kunun2nya..and was divided into oppenent n proponent..[debate ka katakan]..

kelas bermula dengan tiupan wisel maut oleh sang dekan..tnpa sahabat gay nya mr.puah [oliday sbb food poisoning]..n that was such a bad situation for the group lah...cuz encik puah sangat linear dlm pemberian mata2 kemenangan...manakala encik dekan sangat kejam..SANGAT!
[believe me dow~]

purpose of the presentation - keluarkan isu...jd dasar penswastaan, apakah isunya..?
such a gud topic to discover..n i cant wait to wonder nad n the gang amik tempat paling depan..actually 2nd row..hahah..sangat berminat!

pihat pendebat mengeluarkan beberapa issues..dan contoh..yg aku rasa agak lari dari landasan..
contohnya? isu MAS & PROTON..humm..n yang paling menarik minatku ialah bila topik berganjak kearah PLUS..projek lebuhraya utara balik kampongg...

proponent views - y gov x beli je saham PLUS since PLUS was showing a good performance, banyak untung that was not a burden for the gov then..bila dah jdik public goods, then harga tol akan dpt dikurangkan..natijahnya, kite x payah gik bayar tol memahal..! yeah...dengan semangat bekobar pihak proponent berhujah..n i was sitting there watching..[betol jugekk...]..ready some questions to ask..markah beb!

opponent punye view x pyh citer..of cuz they super agree with the dasar..not my interest..aku hanya minat untuk membangkang..hahah..

hujah dan hujah terus bergema..soalan banyak sgt yg ditanya [termasuk soalan silly] kerna semua sudah insaf. mahu mengejar mata. since hanya 3 classes lagi after this..kalo x tnya, repeat sem depan - ayat dean - [kn aku ckap dean aku kejam!]

dan isu PLUS menjadi tajuk akhir perdebatan - lepas proton n mas..hmm..
dan encik dekan masih di belakang - interupting dengan soalan2 yang tak menunjukkan dia adalah sorang dekan cool..

kemuncaknya - dekan bangun dan come i forgot..nama encik dekan ialah PROF SHAZALI ABU MANSOR..abe kepada menteri kerjaraya SHAZIMAN ABU MANSOR..hahah..

dan mengkritik dasar2 kerajaan, terutama tentang TOLL kan agak sensetif - terutama kepada abg menteri kerja raya..haha..i found that was a great day to remember..

dan encik dekan telah berhujah membetulkan persepsi pihak pembangkang..babe,dia kn dekan!
in the names of mark - dekan is always right!!!
Segala sesuatu kejadian di muka bumi merupakan ketetapan Allah Swt. Demikian pula dengan musibah bernama gempa bumi. Hanya berseling sehari setelah kejadian, beredar kabar—di antaranya lewat pesan singkat—yang mengkaitkan waktu terjadinya musibah tiba gempa itu dengan surat dan ayat yang ada di dalam kitab suci Al-Qur’an.

“Gempa di Padang jam 17.16, gempa susulan 17.58, esoknya gempa di Jambi jam 8.52. Coba lihat Al-Qur’an!” demikian bunyi pesan singkat yang beredar. Siapa pun yang membuka Al-Qur’an dengan tuntunan pesan singkat tersebut akan merasa kecil di hadapan Allah Swt. Demikian ayatayat Allah Swt tersebut:

17.16 (QS. Al Israa’ ayat 16): “Dan jika Kami hendak membinasakan suatu negeri, maka Kami perintahkan kepada orang-orang yang hidup mewah di negeri itu (supaya mentaati Allah) tetapi mereka melakukan kedurhakaan dalam negeri itu, maka sudah sepantasnya berlaku terhadapnya perkataan (ketentuan Kami), kemudian Kami hancurkan negeri itu sehancur-hancurnya.”

17.58 (QS. Al Israa’ ayat 58): “Tak ada suatu negeri pun (yang durhaka penduduknya), melainkan Kami membinasakannya sebelum hari kiamat atau Kami azab (penduduknya) dengan azab yang sangat keras. Yang demikian itu telah tertulis di dalam kitab (Lauh Mahfuz).”

8.52 (QS. Al Anfaal: 52): (Keadaan mereka) serupa dengan keadaan Fir’aun dan pengikut-pengikutnya serta orang-orang sebelumnya. Mereka mengingkari ayat-ayat Allah, maka Allah menyiksa mereka disebabkan disebabkan dosa-dosanya. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuat lagi Amat Keras siksaan-Nya.”

Tiga ayat Allah Swt di atas, yang ditunjukkan tepat dalam waktu kejadian tiga gempa kemarin di Sumatera, berbicara mengenai azab Allah berupa kehancuran dan kematian, dan kaitannya dengan hidup bermewah-mewah dan kedurhakaan, dan juga dengan keadaan Fir’aun dan pengikut-pengikutnya. Ini tentu sangat menarik.

sumber; eramuslim
Padang n Samoa had became a so much famous places ever since the earthquake and taufan ketsana had ruin every single things in there. Moreover, this disaster had killed 40 people in vietnam, and 240 people in Samoa, Filipinas..and in indon, THOUSAND people killed caused of the earthquake..Sounds creepy..So much creepy than we though..I found this news, which i never read in any newspaper since the disaster happened:

400 orang hilang ditelan bumi ketika gempa bumi di Padang

JAKARTA: Kira-kira 400 orang yang sedang menghadiri satu majlis pernikahan dikhuatiri hilang ditelan bumi di Dusun Pulau Aik, Padang Pariaman ketika gempa bumi berkekuatan 7.6 skala Richter melanda Sumatera Barat pada 5.16 petang 30 Sept.
Kebimbangan itu berdasarkan keadaan kampung itu yang kini rata ditutupi tanah dan menara masjid, yang merupakan struktur tertinggi di situ, bahkan juga sudah tidak kelihatan.
"Mereka ditelan bumi sedalam 30 meter akibat gempa dan longsor (tanah runtuh)," kata Ketua Pusat Penanganan Krisis Kementerian Kesihatan Indonesia, Rustam S. Pakaya yang dipetik detikcom, semalam.

And how i realize that the 7 point something scalar Richter earth quake was a warning from God for the people to think about what they had done so far to protect Islam from being fooled..
[sambil mengalunkan lagu 'look what u have done' from JET]

In malaysia yg tercinta, certain places felt the vibration and what make things funny, in IPOH - two men died cuz of the building collaps, not cuz of the earthquake..but its a silly mistake that they prefer to call 'HUMAN ERROR' by the construction that responsible to ruins the building, but behave like an idiot..what happened? part of the ruins telah jatuh menghempap sebuah kereta..n the driver (a Malay young man)was killled cuz of that..this man was dying in vain..siyesly!

IN TERENGANU, a mosque that still under construction also collapse..Lucky no one there praying..If not?

lu pikir laa sendiri..

eid mubarak di sana sini...

biarkan gambar ini berkronologi...

pagi syawal
sebelum sembahyang raya

lepas pulang dari sembahyang raya

pakcik sani punye family potret

berijrah ke rumah depan..besama cousins dan paksu..ahaks

family sebelah kak ton..mak aku le tuu

beraya bersama mr hazlami....

sebenarnya ini la tradisi aku..lepas beraya ngan family, twus roger g umah ami(uitm)..kawan skolah rendah mase dajah 6...kakaka...with miss asmidar (usm) n my sis..

petang raya di rumah jatt...besama seorang photographer amatur..

raya ke 3 di rumah amalina...dari kiri ialah alin(ex uitm, now working), dayana (unisel), XXX, syaza (ex uitm, now working) n me..

raya ke 5 di taman ehsan,kepong
bersama cousins je...
nenek xmo join..suka hati..

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