i'm counting days..
its Ramadhan 7 now..
how fast the days flew..
perhaps none of the people bother..
more to their business and what to have during bebuka..
sounds silly..
its Ramadhan..but people just bothering about foods..
but probably ramadhan ni is where Allah says, '4get food n remember ME'..
yeah..i'm tazkirah-ING maself..

just got a text message from my superDAD..
"manusia itu jika ia tahu apa yang ada pada bulan Ramadhan, nescaya ia akan minta semua bulan dalam setahun itu adalah Ramadhan.."

Tq ayah..walopon ayat ada skit trabor..tapi makna yg tersirat tu tetap sampai kat hati anak ayah ni..

till then, happy fasting...


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