When dummy spending time in library...

i really wanna called myself dummy on dhat day
luckly i have dyg azra beside
yg always cool
respek lu laa..

hey what happened??
spending so much energy
walking to CAIS a.k.a library
"sorry, surver down.."
end up buku ponn x bley pinjam..


but never mind then
i oways have a great time wherever i am..haha..

hey..found so much books on bla-bla-bla for dummies..!! pinjam?no way..~but i think its good for me sometimes to spend my lil times in there...reading n exploring all those knowledge..

just like..another path of 'my road to self-discovery'
hey remembering what my lec said "f u have something to do, JUST DO..doooiitt...
cuz when u starts working, u have no time to do a lot of things..."
dooiiit deea..dooitt..

[thanks to you mr. robert raymer..gonna missed ur class..n you..]
then suddently i found this book..splendid~...!
this is may be what i wanna do..
may be...hehe..


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