nadzy's schedule..(",)

yeyy..we're turning to study week now..
are you ready for rock and roll bebeh????

just wanna list down some important dates..
draftly la..kod n venue i lupe..doest matter..
yg penting ingt tarikh dulu..ullala

30th October
Submit Final Year Project chapter 123
(late sanding)

2nd November
CAIS due date: 4 Islamic Banking books

4th November (final exam officially starts)
English For Professional Purpose
Mr. Robert Raymer

9th November
Economic Development
Mr Asyraf

10th November
International Finance
Dr. Chu

12th November
International Institutions
Dr. Afendi

16th November
Terbank ke Penang bersama Air Asia..

20th November
FRIM kl..
(will confirm later)


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