lu fikir laa sendri

Yayaya…I found another funny things…when you are a person whom everyone known was very sarcastic to other people..was getting mad cuz thinking that other people was being unfair and sarcastic to yourself...hahah..wadda….L

why should you yell when being penalized with people..?

There’s nothing to be mad off..c’mon…that’s karma..what goes around comes around dude..what goes up, must come down..!

hey guess what? i’m watching..!!haha

You proud of that title..yaa thinking that it was a gift from God..but it was another way around man..people hate you because of your mentality of judging people..

Your mindset sucks..Not because of that ‘gift’…really is!!

So stop being sarcastic to people..if you are trying to get their respect laa..if not then just continue with who you are..but plzzz….don’t blame me if I’m being sarcastic to was really funny watching you scolding people in ur blog n facebook..just like reading another peace of shit!


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