putting myself in another experience..
sorry its too late for turning back..and i will be there in front to protect and answers everything..
just hanging just one more semester to be done..insyaallah
or about one month to blah~

babe..i just wondering how can a person that taking DEGREE in INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS become so much racist that i though..
you are a univ student, should have a std mentality as you are..
even traveling so much far rather than me, but the chances to look out of another world mean nothing to you..too bad~

a good pointer doesn't meant anything if the way you are thinking is just like a kid age 5..
and a beauty face (as you thought) doesn't make you fame if you make an assumption just like an idiot..thats sucks..REAL sucks man!!

and too bad, it was me involved in this things...and i won't regret if i have to smash you, putting me in another history of fighting in school..
yeah it seems like it was me taking a 'bad-girl' action..

you can't judge people by the way they were born..Indian is black, doesn't meant they are dirt..i didn't showed up my works as you ask me to do so, but it doesn't meant Malays are useless..
and only your races is the best among all..that was a fucking racist statement i ever heard..goddamn ass~ just go to hell with that..

and starts being 'kiasu' (selfish/xnak kalah) to your very own best friend also makes me look really down to a person like you..such a bitch!
i just don't really care rite now...

its quite sad when you have such an idiot Malaysia some more! thats bullshit!!


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