Mari Mengisi Ruang yang Kosong....

Amaran: Gambar diatas disiarkan akibat kekecewaan terlampau si penulis yang kuchiwa selepas mengetahui harga SEBENARRR Nissan Latio kat malaysia...Jadi mood agak 'swing'...perenggan 1 & 2 mungkin tiada hubung kait....mungkin.....

Ok. Hari ini menulis lagi untuk sambungan entry lepas..ewahh..

Tanggal 9 Januari, dunia berputar seperti biasa. Buat lah apa-apa saja atau jangan buat apa-apa sajalah...esok tetap masih ada.. Orang yang pergi tidak lagi dapat kembali untuk duduk bersembang-sembang dan menceritakan pengalaman hidup. Jika berbaloi untuk diceritakan, maka........ceritalah awal2 dari skarang..... [Jackson Sawatan, 2006]
I'm reading his book currently. Perlu habiskan malam ini juga supaya besok boleh pinjam yang lain..but i'm so-called to continue my writting on the previous entry..hehe :)
Actually i'm quite excited with what WILL happend on this year..somekind of a sentimental value a splendid years of the century..hopefully it'll happen in a flawless way..Insyaallah..

Here I come in my final semester on Bechelor Degree of International Economic.. (in-on-of??) to be honest i've done it bad...and not really satisfied with the certain result of certain subjects...owhh how I wish I could turn back time.... but here it comes my last semester..where make me realised how fast was the time passes by in my life..where i'm heading to 23..which I consider it as OLD enough to face the world...

Apart from the final year - last semester thing..there will always be an empty spaces for all the memories in here..that I could not replace with any other else...memeories, friends, & people..the feeling in here where i knew sooner or later i will left is just something very hard..and valued.. Here's the place that shape my vission..!! How i wish i could stay even longer!!!
Insyallah in this 5 months time everything will come to the end..people might hate to say goodbye but..yeah..people left!people change! hurmmm....

In this becoming Mei...our relation will turn to 'year 3'...hehe..insyaallah..I always pray for that.. And my final exam will be be around also..and I'll left...yet my birthday will be its 3 BIG things will happen in MEI...i wish i could hold..

Because i'm pretty sure on June I will become a job hunter...very new title for 'freshee' graduate like me...wohh...and maybe i'll fly to Sarawak again for my convo..yeahh...i can't really wait for that event... meet everyone again!!!wohoo....

So thats it...for the last few years i've been thingking about studies and lalala...having fun... hanging out.. lalala again.. hope it will remain. Thinking that I'm ready to face the world now.. with the another chapter of my life..!!!

Go i must...return i will bebeh..!! Chill!


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